102 East Main Street, Epworth, IA 52045 9:00am-Sunday School; 10:00am-Worship

Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry 

This group of 7th through 12th graders are forming friendships, learning about their faith together, and serving the community and church!


Stay up to date with Summer plans by getting  on the Youth Group Mailing list! Contact epworthumc.iowa@gmail.com for more info!

Why join in UMC youth group?

“Because it’s fun.  Fun meeting with church family”

 “What I like about youth group the most is that it is very welcoming and everyone is accepted into the group. My favorite thing in youth group is meeting new and unique people. I would also describe youth group as a welcoming and positive place where being different is acceptable.”

“I enjoy the friendly atmosphere. My favorite part is doing activities with the youth group.”

“It’s Fun.  I Go to hang out with friends.”

Interested in Participating?

Contact us at 563-876-3193 or epworthumc.iowa@gmail.com

Mission Statement:

The goal of the EUMC Youth is to grow as individuals to become stronger members of our church and communities, impacting the lives of those around us and igniting a love for God in others and ourselves.